Is It Safe for You To Have Sex While on Your Period?

Period blood is *not* unhygienic.

Everyone’s got an opinion on period sex, and it’s usually one of two extremes: ‘God yes, why would I deny myself of sex for five days a month just ‘cos of a little blood?’ or ‘No one is allowed to come within touching distance of my vagina during my period, thanks.’

If you’re strict about not having sex while on your period you could be missing out on a whole lot of benefits, including pain relief, extra lube (spoiler: it’s made out of your blood) and shorter periods. Let’s talk about why some of us are still hesitant to engage in heavy petting during a heavy period:

All that blood has gotta be unhygienic, right?

Wrong, actually. It’s a common misconception that period blood is ‘dirty’ (we can blame the patriarchy and ignorance for this one). It’s just a mixture of regular ol’ blood and some tissues that your body doesn’t need anymore and it won’t harm your partner in any way.

It’s kinda messy though

True, but with some easy and simple prepping your room won’t look like a Jackson Pollock piece afterward. Lay down a towel, maybe invest in some dark sheets, have wet wipes or a face cloth at the ready, and let go of feeling awkward. Read How To Perfectly Pull Off Having Sex While On Your Period for some more pointers.

Do I still need to use a condom?

It is as important as ever to wear a condom during period sex as you are still able to contract or pass on STDs and HIV. Your cervix is slightly more open than usual at this time so it’s potentially easier for a virus to pass through.

People often think that having period sex is an excuse to enjoy the feeling of some sweet, sweet bareback action because you ‘can’t get pregnant while on your period’. The odds are slim but you totally can get pregnant from period sex. Sperm can survive in your body for a couple of days and if you start ovulating early enough, you could get pregnant. Don’t chance it; use protection.

Zero Discrimination Day, end AIDS stigma


The benefits of period sex

It can reduce period pains

Some women experience fewer and less intense period cramps because of period sex. The endorphins released after a bit of fooling around can ease the pain, as well as help with your crappy mood.

No need for lube

Not today, trusty tube of Wet ‘n Wild, we’re already wet as hell down there.

It could speed up your period

Because sex causes uterine contractions your uterus gets expelled quicker, meaning you could be done with menstruation earlier than usual.

Chances are you’re horny AF anyway

Lots of women report feeling extra aroused during their periods, so having sex while menstruating is only going to make you happier.

There is a menstrual cup that is safe to use during sex

If you still feel icky about seeing blood there is a menstrual cup you can use. The Ziggy Cup sits right up against the cervix, making it safe to be penetrated while wearing it. Anything else, like a tampon or a regular Mooncup, should definitely be removed before you have sex.

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