Everything You Need to Know About The Mayr Cure Diet

Get ready to chew your food *a lot*.

If you’re someone who is interested in extreme detoxes then you’re going to want to hear about the diet celebs like Karlie  Kloss and Suki Waterhouse swear by: the Mayr cure. It’s a 7-day detox program that involves a range of unusual techniques like drinking Epsom salts, not eating raw foods after 4pm and chewing your food as much as possible.

Developed in Austria, Mayr clinics are dotted around the globe and are frequented by actual IRL celebrities, ranging from Rita Ora to Theresa May. You check in for at least a week and are subjected to blood tests and diet tweaks to find ways to improve your gut health, as well as some light exercise. The program is known as the ‘Mayr cure’ and many people swear by it; checking in for ‘holidays’ twice a year to get their health back on track. Their programmes aren’t centred around weight-loss but it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll lose weight. Rather, they focus on detoxing, resetting your gut health, and forcing you to give your eating habits a serious rethink.

A 7-day stint in one of their clinics starts at about R25 000 (excluding accommodation). Although we totally have the money for it (LOL), unfortunately, there aren’t any clinics in South Africa. Such a pity; we’ll have to think of another way to blow that cash. Here are some of the core principles that you can try at home though (scenic routes in the Austrian countryside not included):

1 Chew, a lot

The Mayr cure is *big* on chewing. You need to be firstly taking smaller bites than usual, and secondly, chewing each tiny mouthful between 30-50 times before swallowing. Sounds kinda boring but also a good way to practice mindful eating. This will help your digestion as you’ll end up eating less (mainly from boredom, we imagine) and your food will have more time to be broken down by digestive enzymes in your saliva. Yum.

2 Start your mornings with some Epsom salts

Get into the habit of having a teaspoon of Epsom salts in water every morning. You’ll need to set your alarm a bit earlier as this creates a laxative effect and you will probably need to spend a good 15 minutes on the loo. The salts unstick toxins from your digestive tract, hence the extended toilet time.

3 Go big for breakfast

Breakfast should be your biggest meal, while supper should be something that fits on a side plate. It’s a big adjustment for most of us, but the logic is that your stomach is most active between 7am and 9am. It’s recommended you eat quinoa porridge or vegetable soup for brekkie and combinations of fat and protein for your other meals. Have something warm in the evening as that is easier to digest, and steer clear of carbs. We know, sorry.

quinoa oats


4 Add dry brushing to your routine

Before you shower, spend a few minutes giving yourself an intense ‘dry-brushing’ session. It’s said to improve circulation and make your skin glow too, so win-win. Use a dry body brush that you can get from a pharmacy to brush your skin in small, circular motions starting from your feet and ending at your neck.

While showering, switch the water from hot to cold twice throughout, which is supposed to kick-start your circulation and detoxing process.

5 No raw after 4pm

Your digestive system gets slower throughout the day so don’t give it anything tricky to digest, like raw foods, after breakfast.

6 Control your water drinking

We’re always told to drink water excessively but the Mayr cure recommends you rethink your water schedule. Don’t drink water for half an hour before you eat and an hour after you eat. Apparently, it waters down digestive enzymes, robbing you of the best digestive experience you can get.

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