These exercises reveal SO much about different personalities

Our healthy conspiracy is kinda genius ?

Favourite exercise

Just as your star sign shows which Harry Potter house you belong in, your favourite exercise reveals so much about your wellness – according to our healthy conspiracy theory.

The theory: your fave workout is all fun and games

For a workout to grab your attention, it needs to be enjoyable, challenging and something you can do with your bestie. Sound like you? Then a tennis game is an exciting way to get your dose of endorphins. After the game, whip up spicy tuna and lettuce wraps – they’re easy and delicious. 

Workout tip: Next time you’re on the court, throw in a few sets of reverse crunches and planks with a hip twist to improve your game.

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Favourite exercise


The theory: your fave type of workouts is challenging 

Basic cardio just doesn’t work for you. You thrive and feel most in control at the boxing club for a full-body workout that requires power, speed and skill. After your workout, choose a zero-effort but yummy spinach and mushroom omelette.

Workout tip: A few reps of high knees and butt kicks will have you moving with power throughout your next class.

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Favourite exercise

The theory: your fave type of workout is short and effective

You crave the challenge of slow movements that burn, which makes you a super-fan of hot yoga. It’s your favourite workout, thanks to the combo of core-strengthening and body-sculpting exercises, breathing techniques and deep relaxation. Next time you’re out of meal-prep ideas, try a pomegranate-chicken salad – yum! 

Workout tip: Master the triangle pose to relieve stress, and the cobra pose to lift your mood.

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Favourite exercise

The theory: your fave type of workout is dance-inspired 

You never want an easy workout and you’re always looking for ways to test your endurance, hence your obsession with barre workouts. It’s the mix of ballet-inspired movements with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training that makes you feel amazing. After burning all those kilojoules, your go-to dish should be a Thai-style tuna steak.

Workout tip: Raised calf exercises and ballerina squats are going to give you killer calve muscles, a tight tush and sculpted legs. Yaaas!

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Favourite exercise

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