A few ways to take back your power after experiencing domestic violence

We’re rooting for you and we’re proud of you!

Domestic violence

Finding the courage to end a relationship that is abusive is hard. There is always concern about where to run to, how you’ll cope, and if you can learn to trust again.

Once you’re out, there’s no turning back. You’ve already taken the hardest step – walking away from a physically or emotionally abusive partner. Now it’s time to take back your power. 

Consider getting a restraining order

It’s highly likely that your ex will still want to get in touch with you. Get the necessary protection from your former partner by applying for an interdict at your nearest police station. The Domestic Violence Act, 1998 (Act No 116 of 1998) permits anyone who has been abused by their husband, parents, children, wife or partner to apply for an interdict.  

Be kind to yourself

Healing doesn’t happen overnight, and everyone’s journey is different. When you’re having a terrible day, allow yourself to go through the emotional turmoil. To start afresh, you should give yourself enough time to rebuild your trust and overcome your experiences.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Your experiences have made you a stronger woman. Looking back at how things used to be, you might discover a strength you probably never knew you had. Gaining the courage to leave a house filled with physical or emotional abuse requires strength, and taking back your power isn’t going to be a journey without challenges.

Seek professional help

Get professional help from a mental-health expert if you’re concerned about how you’re feeling. Therapy could be an effective method to help you move on – you don’t have to do it alone. 

Surround yourself with positivity

Women who have experienced domestic violence often isolate themselves from their family and friends. But now would be the time to rely on those closest to you. You’ll get incredible support, and by telling your story, you may be able to help other victims who have been abused. 

You may be a victim of domestic violence, but you can always pick yourself up when you’re ready to. Life after abuse can be challenging, but it’s possible to be happy again – embrace change, receive help and advice from those who care about you, focus on the positive, and own your power.

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