#COSMOMentalHealth – This Is What Getting Help Did for These Three Women

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Mental health is a complex and important topic to discuss. Statistics show that the number of mental health-related diagnosis among millennials is fast increasing. Over the month of October, the COSMO team has partnered with SADAG on #COSMOMentalHealth to talk all things mental health. We spoke to three incredible women who shared their stories of living with and through their mental-health diagnosis. These dynamic women reveal just how important it is to get the help you deserve and how liberating it can be for your development.

#COSMOMental Health – This Is What Getting Help Did For These Three Women

Meet Alix Hodge

Meet, Alix Hodge, a 21-year-old film student who was diagnosed with mild Aspergers, PTSD and major depressive episodes. Alix has used her diagnosis as a way to teach and create awareness on the complexities of mental health. Having tried to commit suicide, Alix explains how getting help has helped her become a better person and stronger advocate to promote getting help where possible, ‘I think the stigma that getting mental-health treatment is weak is just so absurd because you have to be so brave to go through it. It’s hard but it’s absolutely worth it, so don’t be afraid to get help.’

Meet Tendo Kambana

‘I really wanted to die. It was a yearning of not wanting to live any more because I felt like I had nothing to offer,’ says Tendo Kambana. Tendo is an actress who suffers from three mental disorders, clinical depression, chronic anxiety and insomnia. These often made her feel as though she was lazy, when really all of these feelings were as a result of something bigger. Tendo highlights how her openness about her mental health has allowed her to create a community of support, which has helped her through the difficult times.

Meet Zandile Madliwa

Zandile Madliwa is an actress who deals with anxiety and depression. Madliwa often felt as though she was sinking into darkness with little to no desire to live. With the support of her family, Zandile was taken to a hospital where she was diagnosed. She says that the diagnosis helped her gain clarity, and the support from the medical team and her family stopped her blaming herself for feeling the way she did. Zandile recognises however that this is a point of privilege for her, but noted that any kind of support is critical.

Join #COSMOMentalHealth in partnership with SADAG on 10 October for World Mental Health Day as we do an Instagram live. This will be the opportunity to talk to an expert who can help you work through any mental health issues or questions you may have.

Mental health does not have to define you – let’s get the conversation going.

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