This website sets your favourite song lyrics to a coronavirus handwashing routine

‘Cos there are only so many times we can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in a day.

coronavirus handwashing song

Coronavirus is here and things are getting real. It’s got everyone talking about something that probably hasn’t been discussed this much since the invention of soap: handwashing.

By now we all know we should be washing our hands often, and for a whole 20 seconds each time. And we know that you can time yourself by singing Happy Birthday to yourself twice. And we know that we’re officially sick of singing Happy Birthday. This week a website was launched that sets your favourite song lyrics to the rigorous handwashing routine we should all be following. It’s adding a bit of joy to the constant hand scrubbing and, given the state of things, we’ll take whatever joy we can get TBH.

A 17-year old in the UK has created a generator that creates a handwashing infographic based on whatever song you want. William Gibson is a designer and developer and is so productive it’s making us over-17-year-olds look bad. He took a mere 24 hours to create Wash Your Lyrics, which combines a generic handwashing poster with song lyrics from any tune that can be found on Genius.

Gibson was inspired by a meme of the same nature, that put the handwashing infographic with a song people are considerably less familiar with than ‘Happy Birthday’: ‘Money Machine’ by 100 Gecs. ‘I saw that meme and I wanted to make a version for every song I listen to, so I made a web app to do it for me,’ Gibson said to Business Insider. ‘It was really fun and I launched it and it kind of went viral.’

The most popular songs that users have created posters with so far include Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Toxic by Britney Spears, Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, and Africa by Toto.

The site also lets you choose whether you need your poster for a classic hand and soap situation or a gel hand sanitiser session.

Of course, brands are all over this website already, creating their own posters in the name of capitalism helping combat the coronavirus. McDonald’s made a poster for those who might somehow find singing ‘I’m lovin’ it’ over and over again less annoying than the happy birthday song:

YouTube did their bit to make sure Old Town Road continues to get stuck in everyone’s heads:

And a few celebs have also jumped at the chance to set their lyrics to some good old fashioned handwashing:

Go to Wash Your Lyrics to create your own poster. It’s a cute and funny way to get those people at your office who *still* aren’t washing their hands properly to get on board.

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