The COSMO Boobs Survey Revealed More Than 60% of Women Wished Their Boobs Looked Different

Let’s get to know our boobs better during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

We all have a complicated relationship with our boobs, whether we love them or abhor them, they are apart of our bodies.

Earlier this year, COSMO ran a boobs survey that more than 1 800 women took part in. The survey revealed how women across South Africa feel about their boobs, mammograms, nipples and body.

And here are some of the findings from the survey:

60% of the women surveyed said that they wished their boobs looked different. The insights from this survey led to our newest campaign, Dear Boobs, which aims to empower women to love their boobs just as they are.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we collaborated with Strawberry Lips – a proudly South African brand that is passionate about girl power and giving back – to bring together 14 of South Africa’s most loved celebrities, influencers and some pretty badass breast cancer survivors to showcase diversity, uniqueness and real depictions of breasts in our Dear Boobs campaign.


When asked if they were afraid of having saggy boobs, 83% of respondents said yes. 47% also found the censoring of women’s nipples ridiculous, especially when men’s nipples aren’t censored.


When asked if they liked their nipples, 54% said yes.



1 in 27 South Africa women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the number-one cancer affecting women in South Africa and despite the myths, anyone can be at risk. However, according to the survey, 69% of women only check their breasts for lumps once a year.

And 89% of women have never had a mammogram:


Are you happy with how your body looks?  74% of you said you’re not happy.


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