I took up 4 different exercise classes in a six-week body-transformation challenge and have never felt more productive

More productive than Kris Jenner and Beyoncé combined.

myUTOPIA insane fitness studio

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I’m a challenge addict. It’s taken me a while to realise it, but in the two years I’ve been at COSMO I’ve given up drinking for six months (probably the biggest challenge to date), worn the same jumpsuit for a week and packed away my smartphone for a month – yes, I think you get the picture. So it’s no surprise that I put my hand up when our editor, Holly, asked the team if anyone would like to take part in a six-week body-transformation challenge at the insane fitness studio, myUTOPIA.

Later, after using my best friend, Google, I found out myUTOPIA is, in fact, a ‘premium boutique lifestyle centre’. Damn, girl – I’ve died and gone to challenge heaven! Twenty-four hours later, I’d taken my before picture, downloaded the myUTOPIA app (which is super-convenient, BTW) and chosen which classes I’d like to do the following week. My plan was to attend at least five classes a week, on top of my half-marathon training – crazy, I know!

This was a body-transformation challenge, but to be very honest, I’m happy with my body – #SelfLove. I did this challenge to see how I would feel waking up early every morning and trying new workouts. The experts say it’s good to mix things up, so here’s what happened to my body (and mind) after I added hot yoga, boxing, methodology X and Pilates to my workout routine. Eeeeek!

insane fitness studio timetable

Disclaimer: Before you think I’m Superwoman, I managed to get to, on average, three classes per week. Michelle: 3. Snooze button: 2.

Here’s what happened during my myUTOPIA 6-week body (and mind) transformation

Waking up early is something I’m not terrible at, but as I’ve gotten older my alarm clock has been set for later and later, and my snooze button gets pushed more times than I’d like to admit. For this challenge, I was strictly allowed one snooze-push when my alarm went off at 5.30am or 6am, depending on the time of my class.

By waking up two hours earlier than normal, I was able to watch the sunrise on my patio while drinking a cup of coffee, pack my gym bag with clothes for work, get to myUTOPIA, do an hour-long class, shower, get ready, drive to work and be at my desk sipping a flat white by 09.05am.

myUTOPIA challenge

I loved that myUTOPIA has absolutely everything you need at the studio for your workout and shower routine. I didn’t have to think too hard each morning while packing my bag at the crack of dawn. I only needed to pack clothes for work, but because I was choosing what to wear so early in the morning, my choices became quite bold (read very bold).

I didn’t have enough time to go back home and change, so I ended up wearing my early-morning alter-ego’s fashion choices. I even got some compliments at work throughout the challenge, and our fashion director asked me if I had done a big shopping spree. Nope, I had just started waking up early!

I guarantee you’ll feel like you’ve gone to a luxury spa and not a gym every morning. Each visit you get:

  • Bottled water before and after your class
  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga mat-towels (yes, they are a thing!)
  • Face towels during the class
  • Chilled and scented face towels for after the class when you are sweaty
  • Towels to shower with
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hairbands
  • Deo
  • Earbuds
  • Cotton pads

myUTOPIA bathroom

On the days I worked out at myUTOPIA, I was productive and felt my best. After six weeks, I can proudly say I’m officially a morning person and I’m maximising every hour of each day.

Keen to give myUTOPIA a try? There are a variety of classes to choose from, so you can challenge your body at whatever level you are at. Some of my favourite classes were 60-minute Bikram yoga with Lee Ann and power boxing with PK.

Visit Myutopia.co.za for a list of all their classes and different packages (there’s a great new members’ package for three classes for R195) or download the myUTOPIA app. First Floor, The Cruise Terminal, Dock Road, South Arm Side, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

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