Yoga Is Cooking!

Yoga is so hot its even made its way into the kitchen! Use these kitchen-yoga tips to release stress and tension, and help build your body and minds flexibility when cooking.

‘Kitchen yoga isn’t a substitute for yoga classes but it helps your body and mind establish a physiological calm, making your cooking experience more fun,’ says Ellen Haas, author of Fit Food: Eating Well For Life (Hatherleigh Press).

Wash and dry your hands, then rest them lightly on the sink, focusing on the three central yoga elements:

* Posture matters: keep your weight equally distributed on both feet. Relax shoulders and arms, and slightly tuck in your pelvis, extending the spine so that your head floats upwards.

* Belly breathing: place both hands on your abdomen, with index fingers touching each other near the navel. Inhale deeply, expanding your abdomen until it pushes against your hands. On exhaling, tighten your abs to push air out from the bottom of your lungs.

* Yoga-tude: use belly breathing to become fully present in the moment (awareness) and release unnecessary tension (relaxation).