The DNA Project

The DNA project aims to fight crime with science by making DNA analysis a mandatory procedure.

The DNA project aims to fight crime with science by making DNA analysis a mandatory procedure.

According to the United Nations, South Africa ranks first in the world, per capita, for sexual assault and rape, and the number of reported rapes is around 200 every day. As many incidences of rape are never reported or investigated, statistics suggest that a woman or child is raped every 18 seconds in this country. An equally frightening fact is that 90% of rapists re-offend, and may assault more than 30 women and children before finally being held accountable for their actions.

The DNA Project is a non-profit organisation that aims to change that by lobbying support for the passing of a DNA Bill. This bill will make it mandatory for all suspects and convicted offenders to have their DNA profile entered onto a database in order to compare it with DNA profiles collected from crime scenes. Hand-in-hand with this crucial lobbying effort, the organisation is increasing public awareness on the benefits of DNA evidence in the identification and conviction of criminals.

As a way of providing information on what a victim can do to bring these offenders to book, The DNA Project, along with Assagai and Javelin and Africa Imagery, has developed the ‘She Asked For It’ advert. Following its 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children, this advert has a simple message: she NEVER asked to be raped, but she DID ask for DNA to be collected, as she was empowered with the knowledge that DNA evidence leads to convictions.

Check out dnaproject.co.za for more information as well as details on how you can lend your support this very worthy cause.

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