Snow Patrol

Cant make it to Switzerland this year? You can still have a glamorous winter and stay in shape

What it is
Ice skating

What it does
‘Skating is a great form of cardio exercise. Skaters tend to have firm, toned thigh muscles as well as strong back muscles. It’s a fun, exciting form of exercise that builds character and self-discipline, exercising the body and the brain,’ says Taryn Finlayson, a skating coach at Northgate Ice Arena in Johannesburg.

Who benefits?
People of all ages can skate, although those with serious back or knee problems should avoid the sport. Since private lessons are usually held in the mornings, this is not for girls who enjoy a lie-in.

Where can you do it?
There are ice rinks in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Vereeniging, Pretoria and Kempton Park.

What it is

What it does
‘Skiing provides an excellent cardio work-out. The sport requires a lot of endurance training and the lungs must be able to cope with the altitude of the ski slope and the physical strain. It helps tone the quads, hamstrings and calves,’ says Gareth Martin, manager of Snowsports at Snowscape, home of Tiffindell Ski.

Who benefits?
Absolutely anyone can ski or snowboard. However, people with previous injuries should wear protective strapping and safety equipment to provide support.

Where can you do it?
Learn to ski at Snowscape’s 50m indoor ski slope in Johannesburg or at Tiffindell Ski Resort in the Drakensberg mountains.

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