Roadtripping Across The Border

Travel safely across the South African border with these road trip tips.

Road trips are fun. But if you are extending yours across the South African border, the Automobile Association South Africa (AA) offers helpful advice and handy tips for your trip.

*In a country that has the world’s biggest sand dunes and is the second less densely populated country in the world, the availability of petrol and diesel is good. According to AA, unleaded fuel is usually available in the larger city centres.
*’Restrictions apply to the quantity of fish permitted to be exported per vehicle,’ says AA. Persons over the age of 18 have a duty-free allowance of 400 cigarettes, two litres of wine and one litre of other alcoholic beverages including spirits.
*The Namibian Tourism Board says South African citizens do not need visas when entering the country. You will, however, need a valid passport. Credit cards, travelers’ cheques and the South African Rand are all accepted as well.
*Some border posts have payment offices and others not, and we advise you check by calling the tourism board.


* ‘Food may only be imported if it is for immediate and personal consumption,’ says the automobile association. ‘Meat and dairy products may not be imported at all.’
*Motorised boats require an aquatic certificate. For more information about this, contact AA Travel Services.
* ‘Only the local currency [pula] or US dollars are accepted to buy fuel,’ says AA. The Botswana Consulate General agrees, but says it is wise to convert your cash to pula as no rands will be accepted. Travelers’ cheques are welcome at the major city centres though.

*Fuel is available in the major cities, but the price is controlled by the government.
*There are limitations on the amount of alcoholic beverages you may import.
*The country has very strict policies on warning triangles in vehicles, says AA. Should your vehicle break down, touring triangles (yellow diamond on blue background) must be displayed on the front of the towing vehicle and the rear of your vehicle.
*According to Mozambique Tourism, South African citizens do not need visas if their stay is less than 30 days. The local currency is the metical, but the rand is accepted. You are also not allowed to take photographs of official buildings.
*’At the border, insist that visas and passports are stamped on entry,’ says AA.

Each country has their own set of border crossing rules and regulations. The tips above are not exhaustive, and we strongly advise you to contact the respective tourism offices for more information so you can make the most of your cross-border road trip.

Namibia: 09 264 61 290 6000
Botswana: 09 267 395 3024
Mozambique: 011 803 9296