It's Official: Period Brain is Not a Real Thing

There’s finally proof

Let’s face it – there’s nothing fun about getting your period. There are the cramps, the cravings, the emotions and the ‘I’m feeling so fat’ parts. So the last thing we need is to have people (and by people, we mean mostly men) say that we’re not able to think straight during THAT time of the month. Yep: the idea of having ‘period brain’ – i.e. that we can’t make good decisions or think clearly on our period – simply isn’t true.


Luckily for us, thanks to a new study, the absurd myth of us not being able to think straight during ‘shark week’ has been proven wrong! That’s right: now you have science on your side.


Brigitte Leeners, a doctor at Switzerland’s University Hospital of Zurich and a professor of reproductive endocrinology, conducted a study on 68 women over two menstrual cycles. The women were given computerised tests to determine the change in their cognitive abilities. Her team also monitored the hormones associated with menstrual cycles.

The conclusion? ‘We can draw the conclusion from our results that this is a myth — that women can function absolutely well, despite having a menstrual cycle,’ Dr Leeners told mic.com.


There you have it – myth busted!

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