5 Period-Positive Instagram Accounts We LOVE

These Instas are ending period-shaming one post at a time

Hey – it’s okay to have a period. It’s more than okay- it’s damn natural and we should stop being shamed for it.

Instagram is providing the perfect tool for women to break the silence around menstruation, and share their experiences.

We’ve seen how Instagram can be used as a space for activism with movements like the campaign for self-love and body-positivity, and when it comes to period-positivity, hashtags like #periodpositive and #menstruationmatters are going viral.

Here are our fave #periodpositive accounts to follow RN on Instagram

1 Pink Bits (@pink_bits)

Pink Bits promotes period-positivity using pastel illustrations of realistic bodies with stretch marks, scars and period stains.

2 Bloody Good Period (@bloodygoodperiod)

Bloody Good Period is an initiative to provide accessible sanitary products for refugees with a kick-ass Instagram account to visually represent their cause: making periods free.

3 Happy Period (@wearehappyperiod)

Love your muthaf**kin flow!!! #PeriodPositive

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#HappyPeriod is about educating the public on periods, and creating campaigns to distribute sanitary products in working class communities.

4 THINX (@shethinx)

THINX is a beautifully curated account, with informative facts and stats around people with vaginas and period-shaming. It’s an eye-opener to see how normalised shaming menstruation is, and THINX is dismantling those ideas with one period pic at a time.

5 Alice Skinner (@thisisaliceskinner)

One of the coolest feminist illustrators out there, Alice Skinner celebrates all things period and body-positive via her amazing illustrations. It’s a downright pleasure to look at.

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