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How to Prevent Period Cramps All Month Long

How to Prevent Period Cramps All Month Long

BODY HEALTH This Birth Control App is Certified by Doctors, So What's With All the Controversy? - Andie Reeves | 02 October 2018 | 01:04pm

Thinking about using Natural Cycles? You might want to read this first.

BODY HEALTH #AskADoc: Why You Need to Put Your Breasts to The Test - COSMO | 01 October 2018 | 04:18pm

'Regular examinations are of vital importance in detecting early abnormalities.'

BODY HEALTH #AskADoc: Why Can’t I Fall Pregnant? - COSMO | 01 October 2018 | 03:37pm

Studies have calculated that approximately 15% of the South African

BODY HEALTH Let's Talk About Why You Need to Poop So Much During Your Period - Andie Reeves | 27 September 2018 | 05:19pm

It's science!

BODY HEALTH The Keto Diet: Everything You Need to Know - Andie Reeves | 17 September 2018 | 05:28pm

One of the many secrets to Kourtney Kardashian's banging bod

BODY HEALTH Why You Really Need to Stop Wearing Makeup While Exercising - Andie Reeves | 13 September 2018 | 01:08pm


BODY HEALTH #AskADoc: Why Do I Need Regular Pap Smears? - COSMO | 06 September 2018 | 03:48pm

It might be daunting but its gotta be done.

BODY HEALTH 6 Foods in Your Cupboard That Have Amazing Health Benefits - Andie Reeves | 04 September 2018 | 01:55pm

Damn, I didn't know Marmite could do all that

BODY HEALTH Are Your Pimples Trying to Tell You Something about Your Health? - Andie Reeves | 03 September 2018 | 03:00pm

It matters where you're breaking out

BODY HEALTH #AskADoc: When Does Nausea Indicate Something Serious? - COSMO | 31 August 2018 | 11:17am

We have all the answers.

BODY HEALTH #AskADoc: How Can I Treat Ingrown Toenails? - Noxolo Mafu | 24 August 2018 | 03:46pm

Wearing peep-toe shoes is a must for patients suffering from ingrown toenails

BODY HEALTH 5 Minutes With Mountain Biker Bianca Haw - Lisa Katz | 24 August 2018 | 11:47am

The 22-year-old kicking ass in a male-dominated sport