Manage Your Mood

How you feel can often be a result of what you eat

‘The key to maintaining control of your moods is to eat regular meals throughout the day,’ says Cape Town dietitian Jenny-Ann Smuts. ‘This keeps blood sugar levels constant and prevents unwanted energy slumps.’ If you find you need a boost, say before an important meeting, ‘a cup of coffee can enhance mental alertness,’ she suggests. ‘But this is not the time to be tucking into a bowl of carbohydrate-laden pasta for lunch which can make you drowsy.’

3 ways to banish bad moods:

MORNING Sprinkle walnuts over your muesli to start your day energised and stress-free.
THE SCIENCE BIT The omega-3 essential oils in walnuts has been found to help prevent irregular heart rhythms, while muesli releases energy slowly throughout the day to keep you feeling your best.

Prevent an energy slump by drinking a glass of fresh grapefruit juice after lunch.
THE SCIENCE BIT Rich in natural sugars, grapefruit juice helps to balance out the rise and subsequent drop in glucose levels following lunch.

Regulate your sleep by drinking a glass of milk before bedtime.
THE SCIENCE BIT The calcium found in milk is necessary to help the body manufacture melatonin, the hormone which regulates your sleeping pattern.