Lose Weight While You Eat pg1

Yes, you did read that right it’s totally possible to eat lots and still look svelte. Here’s how.

It’s one of nature’s cruellest jokes: some girls can munch through a box of chocolate biscuits and still wake up with a washboard stomach while others only have to look at a doughnut to feel their jeans tighten.

Yes, it’s very hard not to envy those eat-what-you-want girls, especially, when it comes to their bodies’ metabolisms – the all-important biochemical process that converts food into calories and then burns them off as energy. Some people’s metabolisms are fast and efficient while other peoples are slow. The slower your metabolism, the more likely you are to carry extra energy around with you, which might then turn into fat.

But don’t give up on your body just yet. New research suggests that with a few tweaks to our daily diet, we can boost our metabolisms and burn calories faster – no effort required.

Slim-Down Secret #1: Drink Water Apart from making you thirsty and sluggish, dehydration slows down all your bodily functions, including metabolism, says sports medicine and nutrition expert, Leslie Bonci. ‘So keep it steady with at least eight glasses of water each day and make them icy: drinking cold water is believed to help you burn calories, as your body uses extra energy to heat it.’
Slim-Down Secret #2: Spice Things Up
Slim-Down Secret #3: Eat Good Protein
Slim-Down Secret #4: Fill Up On Apples
Slim-Down Secret #5: Try Beetroot
Slim-Down Secret #6: Eat Broccoli
Slim-Down Secret #7: Go Green
Slim-Down Secret #8: Get Kelp