If You're Going To Take Any Vitamins, Make It These Ones

Which pills to buy, and which pills to ditch.

One of the hardest parts of growing up is accepting that Junglevites are no longer an acceptable source of nutrients. No matter how delicious and animal-shaped they are. It’s also not acceptable to base you choice on how high the woman on the packaging is jumping for healthy joy or the fact that the pills are pastel coloured and fit right in with the rest of your#aesthetic.

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We all know we should be taking vitamins, but which ones? Save yourself hours of aimless wandering down the vitamins aisle and put these essential ones on your shopping list (and throw the useless or even harmful ones out):


Vitamin D

Not only is Vitamin D super good for you but you’ll get to giggle to yourself about getting ‘the D’ every morning when knocking these pills back. This one’s important to take because you don’t get it from a lot of foods, besides some fish, beef and eggs (so vegetarians and vegans especially need to get on this ASAP). It helps you to absorb calcium, meaning your bones are going to last longer, which seems like a good thing to us.


Move aside Vitamin C, zinc is the new go-to for stopping you from getting sick. Take zinc every day and it’s way less likely you’ll get the flu. And if you do your symptoms won’t be that severe, plus you will be sick for way less time than without the zinc.


Folic acid

…If you’re pregnant or wanting to get pregnant. This vitamin is needed to help us produce more cells, something you’ll be doing a lot of if you’re growing another human. There have also been studies showing that taking folic acid before and during pregnancy reduces the chances of life-threatening birth defects.


It’s good to boost your iron levels but try your best to get it from natural sources, like seafood, lean meats, leafy vegetables and nuts. If you’re vegan or vegetarian you might struggle to get enough iron in, so take a supplement, but while working towards changing your diet to include more sources of iron. You might want to take supplement pills while you’re menstruating too, because when you lose blood you lose iron.


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And the vitamins you can do without buying:

Vitamin C

Your mom isn’t going to want to hear this but multiple studies have shown that Vitamin C does very little to help with the common cold. Ignore the hype around this vitamin, save your money and get it the natural way: by eating foods like citrus fruits and strawberries.



Probiotics are linked to good gut health, something we’d all like in our lives. However there is no definitive proof of probiotic pills actually helping. Instead of splurging on pills eat more fermented food, like yoghurt and kimchi.

Vitamin E

You’d think that all vitamins are good, but there has been a link between too much Vitamin E and a significantly increased risk of having cancer. This study was specifically around men and prostate cancer, but still, it’s scary stuff. Taking too much Vitamin E has also been linked to an increased risk of death. WTF, Vitamin E?! Rather get your Vitamin E in smaller doses from dark green leaves like spinach.


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