Feed Yourself Fit

Exercise your shopping muscles while getting the most out of your workout with endurance-boosting, injury-busting food

Perk yourself up before a run or workout. Caffeine blocks pain-processing adenosine so aches will be no excuse to quit! (Hold the froth and sprinkles.)

Carbs are crucial for maintaining your muscles’ glycogen stores (necessary for repeat training) and are the easiest foods to metabolise. Go for low GI options though.

Popeye had the right idea. The iron-rich leaf boosts the body’s ability to convert protein into muscle. Eat with lean meat for a great post-weights meal.

A crunchy bowl of cornflakes (just add skimmed milk) will replenish the body’s energy stores after a workout just as effectively as a sport drink. It’s tastier, too.

This stamina superbooster can help you work out 16% longer thanks to its high nitrate content. It’s best juiced but it’s still beneficial in a salad.