Eat Yourself Better: the Best Snacks for When You're Feeling Sick

(Like we needed an excuse to eat more when PMS-ing)

Feeling sick can go two ways – either you want to eat everything in sight (hello, PMS) or you feel so nauseous you have to temporarily unfollow all your foodie friends on Insta.

What you put into your body has an effect on your health, and when you’re sick it’s extra important to get your daily meals in, especially if they can help you feel better. While you wait for your cramps to disappear or for your meds to kick in, you can snack on something beneficial to ease your pain:

…For when you’ve got an upset stomach 

Bananas are easy to digest and if you’re suffering from diarrhoea they are really helpful in, um, firming things up. Give your digestive system a break by eating bland food like plain toast or white rice, which will absorb excess fluids and won’t require your sensitive stomach to work too hard.

…For when you’ve reached new levels of period-induced crankiness 

Serotonin is known for the role it plays in your mood: a severe lack of it can lead to depression and the euphoric rush people feel when they take ecstasy is caused by a peak in serotonin levels. Get the mood lift by treating yourself to some carbs, like brown bread, sweets or fruit, which will boost your serotonin levels ASAP.

…For when you’re suffering from cramps 

Pineapple is like the natural anti-inflammatory drug of the fruit kingdom because it contains bromelain, which helps to relax your muscles. Drinking pineapple juice and eating pineapple slices before and during your period can ease your cramps and tell the muscles that are giving your uterus a hard time to chill out a bit.

…For when you’ve got the good old-fashioned flu 

Firstly, obey the voice of your mom playing in the back of your mind and drink plenty of fluids because the sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose and sweating that come with being sick all drain your body of liquids. Being hydrated will also help to loosen your mucus (yum), so that you don’t feel so bunged up. Salmon is the new chicken soup: it’s both delicious and super-good for your immune system, so go ahead and order yourself some salmon roses.

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