Congratulations to Megan Parsley – Our GNC #ChasingSummer Winner!

Congratulations to Megan Parsley, our GNC Chasing Summer winner

This moment is right up there with the announcement of Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss as the new Miss World, at least for us here in the COSMO World.

We finally have a GNC Chasing Summer winner! Congratulations to Megan Parsley, who has been tirelessy documenting her journey to getting fit and healthy for summer.

Megan Parsley - WINNER

Megan Parsley

She has shared her experiences in the journals, and walks away with the biggest prize of them all –  a year’s personal training at the Renaissance Gym with trainer Darren Blasich and a shoot in the March 2015 issue of COSMO! 

That’s not all. We also have two runners-up.

Congratulations to Tracey-Lee Johnson and Nicci Venter!

Tracey-Lee Johnson - RUNNER UP

Tracey-Lee Johnson – RUNNER UP

Nicci Venter - RUNNER UP

Nicci Venter – RUNNER UP

They each receive a R1000’s worth of GNC products!

Well done to ALL of the women who took part in the challenge. Your stories are inspirational, and we hope you continue to #BeatAverage.

Here’s how our winner’s journey began. This is her motivation, in her own words, for entering:

‘To be the best, you have to be better than the average. Because life is too short to be just that … average. #BeatAverage.
The whole point of improving yourself is not to be different to who you are, but rather to live to your fullest potential and to be the best possible version of yourself.’

The best possible version? So what exactly does that mean??
‘In order to achieve sustainable, long-term results, you have to set realistic and maintainable goals. That means no ridiculous starvation diets, or jumping onto the bandwagon to sip on the latest wight-loss liquid concoction.

I want to do the ‘walk of shame’ across the busiest beach in Cape Town, shamelessly, or rock those denim cut-off shorts that are hanging in my cupboard with the price tag still attached!

After 29 years of fighting my own body, bouncing between ‘fit’ and ‘unfit’, it’s time to reset my body blueprint.
Cue collaboration between myself and GNC!
Never one to back down from a challenge, GNC is everything I need, to be everything I can be…

Since my very profession is social-media management, a challenge such as this seems like a natural progression – putting the power of online media behind an incredible challenge certainly creates a sense of accountability! So there’s no giving up on this goal!

Choose me as your chaser and let’s see what this team can do!

Let’s get onto #ChasingSummer because if summer bodies are made in winter, I have some catching up to do!’

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