7 Crazy Facts about Your Period

Menstruation is more interesting than you thought…

Menstruation is more interesting than you thought…


1. Walt Disney made a movie about it in 1946, called The Story Of Menstruation. Apparently it’s the first film to use the word vagina (gasp!) in its screenplay.

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Interesting illustration – the uterus and bladder look like golf clubs:



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2. Thought you knew all the code names for ‘that time of the month’? Check these out: ‘Elmo riding the cotton pony’, ‘the red moon is rising!’, ‘shark week’, ‘Aunt Flo and Cousin Red’, ‘on the blob’…



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3. You can get pregnant while on your period.


4. It varies from woman to woman, but during each period you lose between four tablespoons and a cup of blood (totally normal). However, if your periods are extremely heavy and you’re having to change tampons every hour, you should see your doctor.


5. From the 1920s to the 1960s, Lysol (a super-strong disinfectant – that was used to clean toilets!) was marketed as a douche – especially during a woman’s menstrual cycle…




6. In ancient Rome, it was believed that a naked, menstruating woman could scare away hailstorms, tornadoes and lightning.


7. Some cultures believe that menstrual blood can thwart men’s power… We wish.


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