6 Surprising Birth-Control Facts

Must-know info on contraceptive methods

Must-know info on contraceptive methods

1. The Pill actually has a minimal effect on your weight (and there is often no change in your weight) – everyone reacts differently. In a Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews  study, researchers found no correlation between the Pill and weight gain.’The most logical explanation is that all of us, men and women, gain weight with age,’ says study co-author David Grimes. If you’re concerned about your weight, speak to your doctor about your options.

2. You can fall pregnant if you have sex while on your period. Sperm can survive in your reproductive tract for up to six days and when you ovulate, the sperm can fertilise the egg.

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3. Certain antibiotics can reduce the Pill’s effectiveness. Ask your doctor about this and make sure you use a condom while on the medication.

4. The Pill can lower your sex drive (this doesn’t affect everyone, though). It decreases your testosterone levels and can make you moody and irritable. A University of Heidelberg study of more than 1 000 women found that the Pill can decrease arousal in some women. But don’t panic ­– your doctor can prescribe another pill or you can try out a different contraceptive method.

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5. Repeatedly taking the morning-after pill is not dangerous, according to Marie Stopes South Africa. However, it should only be used in emergencies and you shouldn’t rely on it as a contraceptive method.

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6. Fun throwback fact: Baaack in the day (around 1850BC), Egyptians used a concoction of honey, acacia leaves, lint and crocodile dung to block sperm.


For more info on contraception, go to Mariestopes.org.za.

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