6 Cardio Exercises You Can Do in the Dark

Don’t let Eskom turn off your fitness regimen!

Don’t give Eskom the satisfaction of messing with your routine and turning off your fitness vibes along with your ability to make coffee when you get home. The cardio equipment at gym might be dead and it might be too late for a safe jog through the ‘burbs, but there are many heart-rate-bumping exercises you can do at home. Here are six:

1 Running on the spot

Yeah, we know: the premise of it is pretty ridiculous. But doing it in the dark means nobody can see you, so who actually cares how silly you look? If nothing else, it can serve as a great warm-up for Jumping Jacks – or, if you have enough space in the lounge plus a bit of a death wish, several sets of burpees.

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2 Jumping Jacks

You can burn up to 400kJ in 10 minutes doing these – and you don’t even have to be particularly coordinated to get them right. (Although it does help if you have some kind of balance.) So find a spot in your house that will take the width of your spread legs and flailing arms, and hop to it.

3 Kick-boxing

Sometimes the best way to get rid of daily frustrations, work irritation and blackout-traffic-light rage is to kick and punch the ish out of something – even if it is just air. We strongly recommend not punching or kicking another person. Especially in the dark.

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4 Burpees

Feeling strong? Fit? Super-motivated? Full of iron will and a weird desire to punish yourself? Do 10 minutes of burpees. Don’t call us in the morning.

5 Dancing

Provided you’ve remembered to charge your smartphone (and of course you have) and your portable speaker, this one is a no-brainer. Bust some moves – alone, or with your man – that would make Beyonce weep with envy. Just make sure the furniture is well out of the way. And none of that romantic candlelit slow-sway crap. This is exercise, not foreplay. Although…

6 …why not just have sex?

The atmosphere kind of does lend itself to a lengthy session, no?

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7 BONUS: Feel the burn!

There’s no exercise that’s better for your core muscles than the plank, and you can start with as little as 20 seconds of holding the position, building up to four minutes and more. Alternate this with 60 seconds of cardio (jogging on the spot or Jumping Jacks) and see how many sets you can do. Hey, it’s not like you’re taking time away from the latest Orange Is The New Black episode…

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