5 Minutes with Dancer Tarryn Alberts

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Tarryn Alberts is creative, individual and athletic. The 28-year-old from Eldorado Park, Johannesburg has been dancing since she was four-years-old, spending up to 10 hours each day perfecting her craft. And it paid off. Tarryn first worked with Red Bull as part of dance crew V.I.N.T.A.G.E. which competed in Red Bull Beat Battle. She then went on to a world tour, choreographing and dancing for Die Antwood, and has recently formed her own dance academy, @sodopedance. We spent five minutes with the talented dancer – keep reading to see what we learnt.


5 Minutes with Dancer Tarryn Alberts

My happy place

Spending time with my family and eating good food.

Favourite Instagram accounts

Words to live by

‘Guard your heart, stay focused and keep your word’

Best trait


Worst trait


Me in three words

Loud, funny, cool

My pet peeve

Not being able to understand choreography in the first minute of it being taught.

The last time I was really nervous was

When I had to do a showcase for the students at my dance academy – the pressure of impressing children had me choked up for a moment, but I had to release my energy and they loved it.

The moment I knew I wanted to make dance my career

I was in Grade 11 – when my school friends laughed in my face and said I would eat bread and jam forever because dancers don’t make enough money.

My favourite dance memory?

There are too many – but I think the best would be travelling the world with my friend Manthe Ribane on tour with Die Antwoord and doing what we love the most – dance!

When I’m not dancing, I’m

  • Building my dance academy in my community
  • Mentoring kids from my dance academy
  • Reading

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