4 Ways to Beat the Gym Blahs

Not feeling that fitness centre?

Not feeling that fitness centre? Here’s how to get yourself there anyway.

Everyone would rather hit the couch than the treadmill, but in this season of non-stop partying, staying healthy and fit is even more important than usual.

Here are some tips to help you into your Nikes.

1. Give Yourself 10 Minutes

Sometimes, even when you’re totally not in the mood, you’ll find that once you start your workout you end up getting into it and can even end up having the best session ever. But if not, after 10 minutes allow yourself to stop. You still got your heart rate up and your body moving.

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2. Music Helps you Move

The right music can make a huge difference to a workout by giving you a burst of energy when you’re feeling lazy and not in the mood. Download your favourite, dance-y tracks and even if it’s not the best workout you’ve ever done, you’ll probably give it a bit more voomah.

3. Picture Yourself Looking Amazing

Having a mental image of yourself looking fabulous can help motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. Imagine yourself at that party in those sequinned shorts, and remember the words of Britney Spears: ‘You want a hot body? You better work, b?tch.’

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4. Have Something Fun Planned for Afterwards

If you know you just have to get through 45 minutes and then you’re meeting your girls for cocktails and sushi you’ll have a reward to look forward to and your workout will feel less like cruel and unusual punishment. But remember to make healthy choices or you just sweated and strained for nothing.

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