Beyoncé Releases the Video of Her 22 Day Nutrition Plan Pre-Coachella

Carbs, bye.

As you may recall back in 2017 Bey had to cancel her Coachella headlining appearance because she was hella pregnant. To make up for it, the singer promised her fans that she would headline the festival in 2018.

To get ‘chella ready she used the program designed by her personal trainer Marco Borges, and now she and husband Jay-Z have partnered up with Borges to launch a meal-planner service.

The plant-based diet consists of avoiding all animal-derived products based on nutritious, whole food plant-based options like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  The Carters went plant-based back in 2013, and now they want to encourage their fans to join in (Bey did bribe all of us with free concert tickets for going vegan).

If you are wondering, these are the benefits of going plant-based.

This video is about Bey’s food journey to Coachella:

According to their website, the 22-day meal planner is catered for the needs of each person and based around the principle of eating a plant-based diet, as free from processed foods as possible. If you are not a good cook, not to worry, as the planner also offers cooking-demo videos. It is 22 days because there is a belief that you can make a new habit stick by adhering to it for 21 days.

The concept is to make plant-based eating easier and accessible to everyone. The membership costs R1,376 and includes hundreds of recipes as well as food coaching from Borges.

The brand also sells plant-based protein powder and protein bars, as well as Borges’ recipe book.

If you want to take your beehive commitment the next level, buy your meal planner and eat like Bey 🐝

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