Our pick of the best self-care apps out there

Who knew screen-time could be self-care time too?

best self-care apps

Most self-care advice is a variation of ‘turn your phone off and go outside’, but there are a few ways in which using your phone can actually count as self-care. These are our pick of the best self-care apps out there that can help you reduce anxiety, improve your happiness and love yourself more:

1. Fabulous


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The Fabulous is an app that ‘helps you build healthy habits’. You can choose ‘journeys’ to go on towards the habits you’d like to form, such as Feel More Energised or Start An Exercise Habit. Unlike you when you’re setting your New Year’s resolutions however, the app is realistic and starts small. So one of the first ‘habits’ could be starting your day with a glass of water. Easy and do-able, right? Once you’ve completed your habit you check it off your check-list, and gradually your habits will grow to include more complex habits, like eating a healthy breakfast or doing 7 minutes of exercise. It promises to help you build new habits after just two weeks, and is totally worth a try. Their Instagram feed is also full of cute infographics to remind you to practice simple acts of self-care.

2. Headspace


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There are a lot of meditation apps out there but Headspace gets our vote for its no-frills approach to mindfulness. If you’re totally new to meditation you can start with their Basics pack, which guides you through the surprisingly tricky act of turning your brain off. You can also choose from one of their varied meditation packs, (including topics such as Managing Anxiety, Transforming Anger, Self-Esteem and Letting Go Of Stress) or one-off talks to guide you to instant peace. The benefits of practising mindfulness are infinite, and Headspace guides you through it towards having a happier and calmer mind. All you need to do is commit to at least 3 minutes a day.

3. Happify


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Happify uses the science behind happiness to guide you towards a better mindset, using a combo of positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. Users report feeling more energised, being happier about life, experiencing less negative thoughts, and feeling more motivated at work. You can choose a track you’d like to journey on, each of which is developed by mental health experts, such as Overcome Digital Distraction or Conquer Your Negative Thoughts. You’ll be prompted to do activities that are scientifically proven to improve happiness, such as journalling or playing one of their specially-designed games.

4. Shine


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If you love motivational phrases and mantras you’ll love Shine, the self-care app that helps you ‘grow into the person you want to be’. Shine sends you daily messages to improve your self-love and it’s full of self-care challenges, such as ‘7 Days to Resilience’. They also have one-off meditations with titles like ‘You Are Enough’ and ‘Let Go Of Expectations’. The App Store listed Shine as one of the best apps of 2018 and there are countless reviews from people who say it genuinely improved their lives.

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