A Woman with a Double Vagina Answered All the Questions You Didn't Know You Wanted to Ask

Two uteri, two periods, double the amount of eggs.

Sometimes in life, you hear the answer to a question you didn’t even know you had. Enter Reddit’s Ask Me Anything. Here, people of all kinds, with different interests, open themselves up to answer any questions on a certain topic.

Which brings us to the woman with a double vagina.

Uterus didelphys is defined as ‘a uterine malformation where the uterus is present as a paired organ when the embryogenetic fusion of the Müllerian ducts fails to occur. As a result, there is a double uterus with two separate cervixes, and rarely a double vagina as well.’


Basically, this means two uteri, two periods, double the amount of eggs produced, and occasionally, two vaginas.

And according to user GuruBulg who suffers from the condition, it was severe pain during sex that led her to a radiography where it was discovered that she has uterus didelphys, and a rare case of the ‘double vagina’.

When asked which ‘hole’ is her favourite…

‘Same same.’

When asked if one of the openings is more pleasurable during sex than the other…

‘They feel the same and sometimes I can’t notice the difference.’

When asked if her boyfriend notices the difference between each opening…

‘He changes the hole just for fun, but when he does one for a long period, he feels that the other is tighter.’

When asked if each she has one period per each uterus…

‘Yes, and they’re synced up.’

When asked if she’s considered getting one of her uteri removed…

‘No, I might just remove the partition in the middle.’

When asked this very specific question:

‘Was your pain due to your vaginas being narrower than average, or just because there was a partition that could get hit awkwardly? That is, do you have two full-size vaginas or two occupying the same space as one?’

To which GuruBulg answered:

‘Two full size, and the pain was caused by hitting the partition.’

When asked if she’s concerned about both childbirth and potentially passing this condition on to her children…

‘Of course I wanna have kids, and I’m not concerned of passing this on as it’s not life-threatening. Cesarean is the best option.’

If you’re tempted to see what a double vaginal opening might look like, GuruBulg included a picture in her post which can be found here.

Truly, I warn you, this is absolutely NSFW. It is a close-up, after all.

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