8 Things You Shouldn’t Care about For Your Own Sanity

I! Don’t! Care! (I love it)

We can agree that caring can be the fucking worst – so let’s narrow down the list of things that actually matter enough to care about. Here are the things so insignificant they don’t even deserve your time of day. You’re welcome.

1. The huge bowl of creamy pasta and the even huger glass of wine you had for supper. Did you feel good while you were eating it? Did your pants still fit you this morning? If your answer to both of these is ‘yes’ (and OF COURSE it is), then please stop feeling guilty about something that has only brought you joy and happiness, okay? Carbs are a part of life and love. Embrace them.

2. Your relationship status. Of all the things in your life that define you, this is the thing that defines you the least.

3. The person who makes you feel bad whenever you meet up. You know what that’s called? A toxic relationship. You know what you have to do about it? Ditch ‘em. Life is actually too short to waste even a minute of it on someone who’s adding nothing to it. It’s not your job to maintain bad relationships, because WHY? There’s no point.

4. The beauty standards you’re forced to face every single day. If you can make it through an entire day without seeing a thin, blonde, smiling woman, you’re clearly living a better life than I am. For most of us, it’s virtually impossible not to come across an article/ad/TV show/song/poster that doesn’t remind us what ‘The Standard’ is. Except IT IS ALL A LIE. How can we look at all the stunningly beautiful people in the world and decide that one beautiful is more beautiful than another? Quite simply, we can’t. So, who actually cares? Not you.

5. Your age. You’re never too old or too young to do anything. Well, except getting those jump-the-queue senior perks at home affairs. You’re probably too young for that… 🙁

6. How you compare to other people. They are not you, so they don’t matter half as much as you think they do. What you’re comparing yourself against is total false information. People barely ever present their true selves to the outside world. That person who seems to Have It All? They don’t. Even someone whose life is totally spiralling will answer the question ‘How are you?’ with ‘Good!’ Don’t take anything – or anyone – at face value. We all have our own stuff going on.

7. The obsession with perfection. There’s no point trying to achieve an ideal that literally doesn’t exist. Nobody expects you to be perfect – nobody. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself when life is already so full of shit sometimes. Doing the best you can is all that’s required of you – in all aspects of your life. Just do you, and don’t care what anyone else has to say about it.

8. Whether or not someone likes you. If you, like me, can’t deal with not being liked by everyone, then you, like me, need to make a change now. Of all seven billion people in the world, do you really expect to be loved by every single one of them? It’s impossible. Even if you’re the VERY BEST person in the actual universe, at least a solid 100-million won’t be able to stand you. Soz, beb. But it’s totally their loss.

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