8 Mistakes You're Making When Caring For Your Vagina in Summer

Summer Lovin’, the vag edition.

Summer is (almost!) upon us, and your vag is demanding some extra TLC in preparation for the warmer weather. Here’s how to keep your vagina happier as the days get hotter.

1. You’re picking your underwear based on how adorable it is. Wear cotton underwear (or no underwear at all). Your vagina is fussy and she has a preference – that preference is cotton. Since it breathes and absorbs moisture, cotton is really the only way to clothe your bits – it’s the closest you’ll get to airing things out. When it comes to shape, steer clear of thongs, which can cause irritation along your bikini line that’s only amplified by the heat.

2. You’re eating all the ice cream (because you’re dying of heatstroke and ice cream is delicious.) In summer, we recommend eating the snack of the gods – Greek gods, that is. Snacking on plain Greek yoghurt with live cultures helps to boost all the good bacteria in your vagina – and, let’s face it, the last thing you want this summer is to be saddled with a yeast infection. Remember, sugary yoghurt could actually increase your susceptibility to infections, so stay natural!

3. You’re keeping things tight. Your tightest, tiniest shorts might look awesome on you, but constrictive outfits cause moisture in your genital area while also reducing any airflow. Keep clothes loose and floaty. Yay, dresses!

4. You’re going from the backdoor to the front. It’s summer, so it’s pretty likely that you’ll get in on some lovin’ at some point. Never ever, ever (EVER) go from anal to vaginal sex without changing the condom or properly cleaning off first. Summer is breeding season for all sorts of bacteria, and the wrong order of sex acts will seriously up your risk of infection.

5. You’re soaping up your lady garden. Keep soap far away from your lady garden. It can be very drying to the super-sensitive skin around your vulva, so lay off. Your vagina is so magical that it’s pretty much self-cleaning – all you have to do is rinse it with warm water to keep it in check. If you feel weird about going fully soap-free, go for a gentle, unscented soap.

6. You’re sleeping in those silky shorts. Guys, summer is your excuse to go nekkid. It’s hot as hell, so what better way to head to bed than to let it all hang loose? It’s the perfect way to let your body breathe.

7. You’re in the pool immediately after tidying the garden. Any kind of hair removal – whether shaving or waxing – should be done at least two to three days before hitting the beach or pool. Your skin could become further irritated when it comes into contact with chlorinated or salt water – and you don’t want an infected pore, do you?

8. You’re wearing a damp bikini for hours on end. This is just asking for yeast to grow (moisture is their breeding ground). When you get out the water, get out of your soggy swimwear and change into fresh, dry clothes.

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