7 Reasons Why You Could Be Bleeding After Sex

And we’re not talking about period sex.

Switching the lights on after hooking up is always a gamble: just how much mess did you guys make and how has your hairstyle fared throughout all of it? Sometimes a post-sex sheet inspection shows that you’ve bled a bit during sex, and naturally can lead you to freak out. Don’t stress; it’s not necessarily a sign of anything major and is usually caused by not enough lube or getting a little bit too rough. However, you should definitely speak to your doctor if it happens more than just once or twice. Here are seven common causes for bleeding after sex:

7 reasons you could be bleeding

1 You need to add lube

Anything going into your vagina when it’s not sufficiently wet runs the risk of creating unpleasant friction, resulting in a bit of tearing and bleeding. Vaginal dryness can be caused by your body just not feeling in the mood for producing enough natural lube, or something else like your hormonal birth control, breast feeding, or chemicals found in some laundry detergents. Get some lube but also chat to your gynae to get to the cause of your dryness.

2 You have an infection

Vaginal infections, such as a yeast infection, result in your vaginal becoming inflamed and irritated. While bleeding isn’t the most common symptom of vaginal infections (usually characterised by a strong odour, prolonged itching and/or a a change in colour of your discharge) it can indicate that you have one. Go to a doctor to sort this one out, and know that you might need to take a little break from sex while your infection clears up.

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3 You have an STD, or worse

If your post-sex bleeding is regular then something more serious could be to blame. It could be a sign that you have sores inside your vagina (from an STD) or you have abnormal cells in your cervix (potentially from cervical cancer). Bleeding after sex is a symptom of cervical cancer so definitely book an appointment with your doctor ASAP if blood is always or often present after sex.

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4 Things got a bit too rough

Sometimes bleeding is from you and your partner living your best 50 Shades life. Rough sex can lead to abrasions along your vaginal wall or your cervix getting bumped, which can lead to some light bleeding. This is usually nothing to worry about but maybe slow down a bit next time and add more lube, for the sake of your bedsheets.

5 You’re douching

Here is some advice for if you’re someone who likes to douche their vagina: STOP IT. Your vagina is self-cleaning and definitely does not need any douching products or water being shot up into it to ‘clean’ it. Douching is totally unnecessary and can result in irritation, infection and pelvic inflammatory disease, all of which can result in bleeding after sex.

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6 Your birth control is to blame

A common side effect of hormonal birth control is spotting after sex, particularly if you’ve just started taking the birth control. Your body should adjust to it after a few months and the spotting should stop. Hormonal contraceptives can also cause your vagina to dry up, in which case you might want to chat to your gynae about switching birth control.

7 You have polyps

Polyps are benign drops of tissue that can hang anywhere along your reproductive tract. Sex can cause friction with them, which can result in some blood. Luckily these polyps aren’t dangerous and are quite common, especially in women over the age of 40. A gynaecologist will be able to diagnose you if you think polyps might be the cause of your post-sex bleeding.

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