5 Things That Will Scare You When You Start Cycling – and How to Deal with Them

Helmet hair is SO 2018.

If you’ve set the intention for 2019 to be your year to get active, there’s nothing like a challenge to get you motivated. And what could be a better challenge than the world-famous Cape Town Cycle Tour? More than just a race, the Cape Town Cycle Tour is a ‘nine-day celebration of all things cycling, where a world-famous city embraces human power and celebrates the healthy lifestyle and freedom of movement the humble bicycle offers all its inhabitants and visitors’.

Whether you’re into mountain biking or road cycling, there’s an event for you at this incredible cycling celebration. No bike? No problem! The Cape Town Cycle Tour community can hook you up with a rental bike that you can use for as long as you need it. No training? No problem! It’s never too late to start, and the CTCT has some great training tips for getting you fit for the event. Literally, no problem that you can come up with is too difficult to tackle. This is your year, babe!

5 Things That will Scare You When You Start Cycling – and How to Deal with Them

In fact, here are some of the things that are probably running through your head right now, trying to trick you out of reaching your goals this year:

1 I don’t have a bike

Easy! We’ve already got that one out of the way! See above and then tick that off your list of problems.

2 I haven’t been training

Another excuse bites the dust! If the training tips we’ve linked above aren’t enough, head to your nearest gym and hit up a spinning class. The endorphin hit is only going to help solidify your resolve.

3 I don’t feel comfortable in neon spandex

Relatable! But you don’t have to dress like MAMIS (middle-aged men in spandex) to race. Think Kim K in Yeezy and then head to brands like Cotton On, who have been bringing cycle chic to the streets.


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Even if cycle shorts aren’t your vibe, there are leggings and track pants for every shape and size. And remember, everyone is way too busy cycling around the peninsula to really care about what you look like in shorts.

4 I’m scared I’ll bite the dust or be hit by a car

Another relatable thought. But there aren’t any cars in a spin class and the CTCT is all about safety. Roads are closed to motorists during the tour, and there are medics all along the race. Chances are slim that you’ll just fall off your bike – it’s just like riding a bike, remember? But TBH, even if you do, you’ll have a cool story to tell your friends about your roastie!

5 Honestly, I can’t rock helmet hair

Fear not, honey, because technology has come a long way since you were pedalling your way to Grade 3 home-room. The Giro Seyen MIPS is helmet hair-proof so, along with protecting your brain, it will protect your hair from all kinds of trouble.

You’re ready, babe. 2019 is your year to burn those glutes and tighten those buns. Leggo!


*This post is sponsored by the Cape Town Cycle Tour

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