5 Innovations That Are Going to Make Your Period Totally Bearable

We need this magical machine that makes period cramps go away ASAP.

Tampon ads want you to spend your period playing sports and wearing white jeans but realistically you’re more likely to spend it moving as little as possible and ruining your light-coloured panties. While we’re not necessarily wanting to play beach volleyball while menstruating, it would be nice for this time to be a little more bearable. Everyone has their own period hacks for what eases the unpleasantness, from masturbating to alleviate cramps to the good old fashioned hot water bottle trick. That’s cute but we want more, like machines that zap away period pain and alternatives to tampons and pads.

Here are 5 innovations that are going to have your period totally (or at least slightly more) bearable.

1 A cramp-busting device


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If you suffer from terrible period pains and want a change from having to constantly take painkillers for three days a month, you need to try this device by Livia. You stick the two pads to your lower abdominal, switch on the small and pastel-toned gadget attached, and voila: instant relief. No more waiting 30 minutes for painkillers to kick in. The Livia device transmits pulses that stimulate the nerves in that area, blocking cramps. It’s scientifically proven to work, there are no side effects, and it’s ideal for wearing while exercising, which can aggravate and worsen cramping.

2 A menstrual cup

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Menstrual cups have been around for a while but many women are still too scared to try them so stick to pads and tampons. But tampons have chemicals in them that you don’t really want near your vagina, and both them and pads end up on landfill sites. Not only are menstrual cups not contributing a crazy amount to the earth’s waste but they also make your period experience better. For one they can hold way more liquid than a tampon or pad (you can leave it in for up to 12 hours!). They are also reusable and a great way for you to be more in touch with your body.

3 Period panties


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While you work up the courage to try putting a Mooncup up there, why not switch from tampons/pads to another more eco-friendly option: period panties. These look just like regular underwear, except the gusset is reinforced with ultra absorbent material. Styles range from light flow to heavy flow, with some pairs able to hold up to two tampons worth of blood.

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4 A period tracking app


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Tracking your period is helpful for a number of reasons, like knowing which days to not wear your pale pink culottes or reassuring your worried mind that you’re definitely not pregnant or remembering to pack painkillers in your handbag. Apps like Clue make it easy to keep track of your cycle and offer you insights into the way your body works. Every day you quickly tap in what symptoms you’re experiencing (like oily skin, constipation, exhaustion, or any of the other charming side effects of menstruating). The app gradually gets to know you better and can tell you when to look out for upcoming symptoms.

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5 Menstrual discs


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Flex was created by Lauren Schulte after she got sick of getting yeast infections from using tampons. Called a ‘menstrual disc’, it’s a disposable disc that looks and acts a bit like a diaphragm. It can hold about 3 super tampons’ worth of blood, making it wearable for 12 hours. Flex is hypoallergenic and doesn’t put you at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (two of the tampons’ biggest downfalls). It’s also the first menstrual product to be designed by a woman aka someone who actually menstruates!

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