Add these 4 HITT exercises to your exercise cheat sheet

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4 HITT exercises

The words ‘HITT exercises’ have a way of making people feel anxious (us too) so we thought of 4 exercises that could make workouts feel less dreadful (eventually). 

These moves are great for beginners and intermediate fitness levels – they work the whole body, make you feel great and most importantly you won’t think of quitting halfway through. 

1.Punch, baby! 

This one’s perfect for a full-body sweat sesh and you don’t need to join a class, have a punching bag or gloves. Boxing burns an amazing amount of calories and tones your body all over. Master the basics like the jab, cross, uppercut and lead hand hook. For the hand hook imagine that you’re punching around something directly in front of you, using your dominant hand to take a chin-level swing as you pivot on your front foot.


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4 HITT Exercises


Before you dismiss it, trust us on this one. Take it at your pace and set a goal for yourself. It’s the ultimate HITT exercise and strength training. With every rep you’ll strengthen your arms, quads, chest, glutes, hamstrings and abs. As you progress, change your burpee variation so that your chest hits the floor – it’s even more explosive.

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Lunges are a great lower body exercise. Not only do lunges work your butt and strengthen your legs but they boost your metabolism, too. Remember, don’t let your knees go over your toes, create a 90-degree angle with your bent leg and keep your back straight.



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4 HIIT Exercises

4.Grab your skipping rope

Jumping rope burns serious calories and requires minimal effort or space. You’re guaranteed to be sweating in no time and can improve your cardiovascular health and coordination.


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4 HIIT exercises

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