3 Reasons to Try SA's Hottest New Workout, Heated Boxing

Cues ‘Eye of the Tiger’… 🥊 🥊

We’re all for experimentation when it comes to exercise. There are some real benefits to be derived from putting yourself out there, trying different classes and seeing what sticks. Plus, when you try different forms of exercise, you simply have to get the appropriate outfits right *wink wink*?

Well, if you’ve been harbouring the secret desire to hang a pair of boxing gloves next to your ballet shoes, then here’s your chance. We’re talking about Drenched – it’s SA’s new workout that involves boxing techniques combined with bodyweight exercises in a heated studio. Here’s why we think it’s worth a shot:

Get a 2-in-1 Fitness, Plus a Self-defense Workout

Boxing is definitely a fitness trend to follow, not only if you’re wanting to get swol but if you want to level up your self-defense game. Boxing is some serious cardio, plus it increases body strength and improves your hand-eye coordination. What we don’t hear enough of is how empowering boxing can be. Put on those gloves and you instantly feel stronger and more capable to defend yourself against the baddies. In Drenched classes you get to throw hands without hurting yourself or anyone else, so get those punches in gurl – for that colleague who never returns your stationery or bae when he’s being salty. Boom, boom, pow! Jk.

It’s All Digital Baby

Drenched works off an app (available for Apple and Android). The app allows you to browse the available classes, book an available timeslot and pay your class fees using your phone, anytime, from anywhere. All you do is download the Mindbody mobile app, search for Drenched and follow the prompts. Done. Because digital is life.

Burn It to the Beats

Drenched classes are all about the beats. We’re talking ’90s rap, electro and hip-hop vibes. And there’s nothing like exercising in an environment that makes you forget about the slog of working out as you bop to the tunes. Get into it, flow with the rhythm and get drenched in feel-good vibes. Goodbye stress, hello happy hormones! The classes alternate from bag to floor work (think squats, burpees and push-ups) in a heated space that maximises the burn and gets your endorphins pumping.

Reward Yourself Post-Burn

The Drenched studio includes a “Whey In” coffee shop that’s on the premises and stocked with all the healthy snacks and delish coffee you deserve after showing your body who’s baus.

Drenched is located at 47 Bloem St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town.

For more information, visit Drenched.co.za or follow Drenched on social media:

Facebook: @iamdrenched

Instagram: @iamdrenched

This post was sponsored by Drenched.

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