3 Gorgeous Plants That Can Improve Sleep

They’re Insta-worthy, too

It’s 2019, folks, and that means there’s pretty much every sleep remedy imaginable being punted. This is a good thing – anyone who’s struggled with inconsistent sleep can attest to how debilitating it is. But if you’re going to spend money on improving the quality of your ZZZs, why not do it in a way that makes your bedroom Insta-worthy? There are many plants that can improve sleep, and here are our top picks that you can buy from most nurseries (none of which will break the bank).

Here are three gorgeous plants that can improve sleep

1 Bromeliad

The bromeliad, one of my personal favourites, is a tropical plant that is as hard-working as it is ornamental. While there are many plants that improve air quality, Kent’s Bromeliad Nursery Inc explains what sets this plant apart from others: ‘In the photosynthetic process, most common indoor plants remove carbon dioxide, while emitting oxygen and water vapour during the day. However, research indicates that bromeliads behave differently during the day-night cycle, releasing oxygen and removing air pollutants at night.’



Combine this beauty with another foliage plant from this list, and you’ll have a lush air-purification system going 24/7. They’re thirsty (like mama like plant, am I right?), so be prepared to give her the love, attention and water she deserves.

2 Bamboo palm

While we’re on the topic of tropical, the bamboo palm is native to Africa and is – quite frankly – majestic AF. Not only does it filter the air, but a mature bamboo palm (approximately 180cm tall) can transpire about one litre of water every 24 hours, making it a great humidifier. Fabulous for those with breathing issues, less fabulous for our Capetonian readers who can scarcely afford to share any water with a houseplant.



Also be sure to give your palm lots of light by placing it near a window.

3 Jasmine

There’s a reason jasmine is included in so many perfumes and scented candles – and because Mother Nature is the gift that keeps on giving (despite our nasty habits), it not only smells amazing but is also known to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. I’m going to level with you, it’s not the easiest plant to keep indoors (although it’s far from impossible), but it’s something many of us already have in our gardens (or in the gardens of our generous/distracted neighbours). Even one sprig of jasmine is enough to infuse an entire room with its special scent.



I’ve been known to steal some from my darling mom’s garden whenever I go for a visit, which I then pop into an ornate teacup with some water and place on my bedside table. Looks good, smells delish.

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