Turns Out Using a Knife to Cut Up Your Pineapple is So Last Year

Our minds are blown.

Who knew that 2019 would see a video of a pineapple being peeled going viral and blowing everyone’s minds? The term #pineapplehack has been trending, all thanks to someone who discovered the way people probably ate pineapples before we invented steak knives. If you, like us, have been using a knife to cut up your pineapple like some sort of idiot for your whole life then you, like us, are wrong. You should be peeling it by hand.

A pineapple’s outer bit (peel? Shell? Armour?) doesn’t exactly scream ‘touch me with your hands!’ now, does it? It’s prickly and those knobs are best dealt with using a sharp knife before being thrown in the bin. But it turns out the knobs are nature’s own ‘tear here’ notice. Watch how this Twitter user easily peels bite-sized pieces off his pineapple while he eats:

Naturally this single tweet has made us question everything we thought we knew about the earth:

And it didn’t take long for the Twitter police to fact-check this surely-too-good-to-be-true life hack:

But the less cynical side of the internet gave it a go too, and found that it really *does* work, as long as it’s ripe…

…you have killer nails while attempting the hack…

…and you core it first (and set your video to terrible EDM too apparently):

This seems like it would be useful in some very specific scenarios, like if someone brought a pineapple to a picnic but forgot a knife and chopping board. Or if you felt like getting lots of pineapple pulp under your nails. Or you just wanted to make a viral video for Twitter. Feel free to try it the next time you’re at a social gathering. If it works you are going to look extremely cool, and if it fails just grab a knife and do it like they did in the olden days.

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