This New Pintxos Bar Should Be Your Next After-Work Spot in CT

This place is freagin’ fabulous.

At this point, you’re probs wondering what the heck is that weird word with the ‘x’ in it. Pintxos (pronounced ‘peen-chos’) are bite-sized snack dishes native to Northern Spain. You’d be correct if now you’re thinking it sounds exactly like tapas. So Pintxos are a form of Basque cuisine that originated in San Sebastian and they’re this region’s version of tapas. Think small pieces of bread topped with traditional ingredients like fish, cheese and olives. Recently, Pintxos Bar at Sotano opened its doors on Bree Street in Cape Town. Here’s why you need to visit:

Go to Spain Without Going to Spain

Glass-fronted displays, exposed brick walls, wooden bar counters, brightly coloured ceramic décor and hanging planters – going to the Pintxos Bar at Sotano is like travelling to a little version of Español. It’s urban, it’s chic and it’s brimming with the kind of energy that will make you want to whip out your hidden flamenco skills.

These Food Combos are Everything

Taste and texture come together in a whole new way at the Pintxos Bar at Sotano. Think tuna remoulade with sliced black olives or cream cheese and aioli with anchovy and basil pesto, and prawn with boiled egg and salmon roe. Then there are small bowl dishes, croquettes and prosciutto on the bone ready for carving and serving (aren’t we cultured?).

OMG, These Prices

The first visitors to this fab destination have all commented on the great pricing of these little delicacies. You can get your hands on some pretty decent grub for between R15 to R50 per pintxos, so not only is it totes yummy, it’s totes affordable too. Plus, a local selection of South African wines and craft beers are on offer – the perfect spot for an after-work hangout with the squad.

For more information, visit Sotano.co.za/bree-street or connect with Pintxos Bar at Sotano on social media:

Facebook: @sotanoct

Twitter: @SotanoCT

Instagram: @sotanoct

This post was sponsored by Sotano Partnership.

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