This Bubbly in a Can is The Only Thing You Need This Valentine’s Day

You can bring it to the beach and you don’t have to worry about a corkscrew!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and while many of us still love teddies with hearts and roses sent to the office, we’ve got an idea that’ll make your day that much sweeter. What’s better than a summer picnic? Outdoors, delicious deli food, shoes off, just you and your love…

As lovely as a picnic sounds, it can be a lot of admin. But fear not! Chateau Del Rei has the most convenient, easy-drinking sparkling wine – all in a can. This bubbly is fruity, light, and naturally sweet. Pop in a pretty (biodegradable, obvs) straw and enjoy. Here are 3 picnic ideas that’ll make this V-Day memorable:

A Schmancy But Easy Picnic

Want to impress bae? You don’t need to go all Martha Stewart and make everything from scratch. But, you definitely want your love to see that you went to some effort – it’s all about the ratio. Sure, buy a pizza, pick-up a Woolies meal, or get takeaway sushi but add something special to the mix. Bring proper cutlery, cotton napkins and a Tupperware of cut-up fruit as well. Chill your Chateau Del Rei cans ahead of time. It’s all about the thoughtful touches!

An Indoor Picnic

Get home early from work, move the furniture around, and lay a nice blanket down in your lounge. The best thing about an indoor picnic is that you can fill your lounge with candles. This is the day to go OTT with the vibes. Get your partner to pick up food on the way home and don’t forget to keep your Chateau Del Rei drinks in the fridge.

A Sunset Drive Picnic

A well-planned picnic is nice but some of us like a bit of spontaneity as well. Pack a cooler bag stocked with Chateau Del Rei, some water, and a few snacks and hit the road. V-Day may be in the working week but there’s plenty of sunshine in the evening. Take a drive with no agenda, and see where the night leads you. Whether you stop off for sundowners or decide to hike up a mountain, you’ll have something delicious to celebrate with!

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*Not for persons under the age of 18. Don’t drink and drive.

*This post was sponsored by Chateau Del Rei

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