There's Now a Whole Restaurant Dedicated to Potato Chips, and We Need to Go There ASAP

Finally chips are getting the respect and attention they deserve šŸ™Œ.

The potato is the most versatile of all the vegetables *and* carbs combined, so why TF is it constantly relegated to side dish status? One restaurant in Johannesburg is giving the humble potato the props it deserves and dedicating its whole menu to one of the best things you can do with a potato: chips.

TJIPS is taking South Africa’s favourite side chick (hot chips, duh) and making it their main squeeze. Each dish is essentially a plate of deliciousĀ slap chips with toppings inspired by street food from around the world. So there are the Mexican-inspired chips topped with salsa, guac and sour cream, Thai peanut and garlic mayo number, and their take on poutine, a Canadian dish involving cheese and meat gravy.

Other options weĀ neeeeedĀ to try are the America-themed Oom Sam (get it? Like Uncle Sam?)Ā tjips, covered in the chilli cheese New Yorkers are always talking about in the movies, and the fancy AF parmesan and black truffle mayo chips.

Besides their regular selection of global flavoursĀ TJIPS also has a Tjip Of The Month, and March’s TOTM is The Joburger, a smashed burger served on chips, described as ‘not a cheeseburger with chips, but TJIPS with a cheeseburger’. As people who hate it when chips are extra we’re only too excited to see a burger where the presence of chips is guaranteed, and in the starring role nogal.



And if you’re really living your best non-banting life and feel up for more potatoes after your mains, they’ve even got dessert: sugar-coated fries topped with ice cream.

TJIPS can be found at Eastgate Food Emporium or by stalking their roving food truck, which pops up all around Jozi.

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