The 'Super Carb Diet' Sounds Like a Diet We Can Finally Get Behind

Bring on the (wholegrain) bread!

The latest diet trends all have their own unique rules, be it eating like a ‘caveman’ or insisting that cauliflower mash tastes just as good as potato mash. The one thing they’ve all had in common, however, is the same: little to no carbs. For the lucky few who can afford those amazing banting seed crackers from Woolies, that’s great, but for the rest of us who are only human and thus are obsessed with carbs, it’s just not sustainable.

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Luckily there is a new diet on the block, called The Super Carb Diet, which is going to be music to the ears of anyone who wants to lose weight but isn’t prepared to cut ties with our good friend, the potato.

How the Super Carb Diet Became a Thing

Carbs have had a bad rep for too long, considering how much joy they bring us. It’s about time we accepted them for what they are and stopped trying to make carbs out of things like psyllium husk or a million seeds and nuts. The Super Carb Diet basically encourages eating balanced meals, all of which include carbs.

Personal trainer Bob Harper, who you might recognise if you’re a fan of the weight-loss show The Biggest Loser, wrote The Super Carb Diet after suffering a heart attack in 2017. He was following the paleo diet at the time and, while it’s more likely his heart attack was due to genetics, the experience did make him reassess his eating habits. He felt unbalanced so he developed the Super Carb eating plan to combat that. Because the diet doesn’t forbid you from eating carbs, it’s more enjoyable and therefore more likely you’ll stick to it.


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So I can just eat croissants all day, right?

Before you get too excited, let me add a disclaimer: it’s more like The Super Good-For-You Wholegrain Carb Diet. So processed carbs like white bread and biscuits are still off the table. Every meal you eat needs to consist of 40% protein, 30% fats and 30% carbohydrates.

The carbs you eat need to be the ‘good’ kind too. Think wholegrain pasta, fresh fruit, quinoa or oats. If you’ve ever tried to do banting or go keto, then you’ve probably found your meals to feel incomplete without some starchy carbs to round them off. This diet eliminates that feeling, plus ‘good’ carbs are slow-releasing, keeping you feeling full for longer and giving you a solid and sustained amount of energy.

What meals can I eat?

This kind of ‘diet’ is easier to follow as it doesn’t focus on restriction or kilojoule counting and isn’t anti-social (because no-one wants to be that person at the dinner table stressing about whether another potato will take them out of their state of ketosis or not). You will focus on eating healthy, whole foods that aren’t processed, which is less a diet and more just a good way to live your life. Here’s an example of what you might eat in a day:

Breakfast: Fat-free Greek yoghurt, fresh berries and a teaspoon of nut butter. This sounds like a carb-free brekkie but in case you didn’t know, fruits count as carbs. IKR.

Lunch: A big salad with chicken, peppers, avocado and balsamic vinegar.

Supper: Chicken or fish with roast vegetables and brown rice.

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Will I lose weight on this diet, though?

Cutting out processed food and focusing on eating healthily is probably going to result in weight loss. It’s a sustainable diet as you won’t feel empty after meals or suffer weird side effects like the ‘keto flu’. Bob Harper also encourages you to eat carbs earlier on in the day or before a workout, when you need the energy the most.

So if you’re keen to get healthier and lose weight along the way but can’t fathom giving up carbs to get there, then the Super Carb Diet is definitely worth a try. Plus, if you cook brown rice with stock for long enough, it almost tastes exactly like delicious risotto rice. Almost.

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