Starbucks Goes Blonde: What Their New Roast is All About

Don’t stress; there’s no hair involved.

When Starbucks first landed in South Africa everyone freaked TF out. Finally, we could have our moment of posting a frappuccino emblazoned with their green mermaid logo with some autumn leaves in the background to Instagram, like Americans always do. Now, the world’s most famous coffee chain has treated us again and brought a new roast to our shores: their blonde roast.


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Starbucks isn’t only known for making Instagram-worthy coffee cups, their actual coffee is pretty iconic too. But a lot of South Africans were shook by how strong their coffee turned out to be. It’s an intense flavour and a lot of us, more used to the gentler blends from our local chains, find Starbucks a bit bitter and heavy.

Their blonde roast is described as their ‘easiest drinking coffee’. It’s mellow, with a hint of caramel to it, and the word pretty much everyone uses to describe this roast is ‘smooth’. It’s the same bean, just roasted differently, so you’re not being cheated on your classic Starbucks flavour.


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Available in all your favourites 😋

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When you want to get things done/need a huge caffeine boost/are dying from a hangover and four hours sleep, ask for your coffee ‘dark’. And when you’re looking for something easy to drink/have already had a coffee that day/are dying from a hangover and four hours sleep but a super strong coffee might make you throw up, ask for your favourite order as a ‘blonde’.

This is great news for anyone who is not a huge coffee drinker, just prefers a more chilled out flavour, or is someone who has five cups a day and wants to mix it up a bit. Try it by requesting for your drink to be blonde. There is no hair involved whatsoever, we promise.

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