The Most Decadent Milkshake Spots in South Africa

You’re gonna need a spoon.

The days are getting chilly but that’s no reason to stop enjoying freezing cold treats that make you colder, am I right? Ice cream is great year-round TBH, and it’s drinkable friend, the milkshake, is having a moment right now. In a battle to become the most Instagram-able spot, restaurants are making their milkshakes *extra* extra RN. If you love your milkshakes OTT and live for the type that can only be finished with the help of a spoon you need to hit up these spots that serves some of the best milkshakes in South Africa:

Kota Joe, Johannesburg

Reading the milkshake list of Kota Joe is like reading a list of all your favourite treats from childhood. There are flavours like custard and jelly, Peppermint Aero, Zoo Biscuits and Bar One to name a few. We’re most into the Nutella Custard Crunch and the Malva pudding; both flavours are so good, and will give you Christmas lunch flashbacks.


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The Backyard Cafe, Cape Town

The Backyard Cafe calls themselves ‘Cape Town’s best-kept secret’ as they’re hidden in the suburbs, away from the trendy milkshake stops we’re used to. But the trip is so worth it ‘cos their milkshakes are quite a sight, and delicious too. Their menu has the staples such as peanut butter or vanilla, but on Fridays they serve what they call ‘freakshakes’. These are always changing but always super OTT, so you’ll find things like Marie biscuits, marshmallows, or pieces of carrot cake stacked on top of your dairy delight.


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Bellevue Cafe, Durban

Here milkshakes are served in a silver cup straight from the blender. It’s like the milkshake equivalent of when they bring your meat out to your table still in the frying pan i.e. fancy. These milkshakes are *extra* thick and cover all the classics, and then some, like vanilla, peanut butter and caramel, and banana and brownie.


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Gibson’s Gourmet Burger & Ribs, Cape Town

Gibson’s has over 100 milkshakes on their menu. It’s a whole thing. But their Freekshakes are what are really worth your while (i.e. what’s going to get you the most ‘wow emoji’ reacts on your Instastory). Served in jars so big you’ll need both hands to pick them up, you can enjoy 450ml or 950mls of shake at a time. We’re most obsessed with the Red Velvet Neapolitan, which features meringues, strawberries and actual red velvet cake. You can also upgrade your shake to a “lover’s glass”, which means you get two straws to share with your bae/put both in your mouth and finish the thing twice as fast.


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Craft, Johannesburg

If you’re the type who could eat a whole bag of candy floss and still want more sweet stuff afterwards then you are gonna love Craft. Especially their one milkshake that is served literally covered in candy floss. There is also the one that’s filled with crème brûlée, the one topped with chocolate ganache and the one served with Turkish Delight.


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