Easter Just Got a Whole Lot Cuter Thanks to These Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

2019: The Year of the Easter Doughnut

Marshmallow eggs are great and all but this year we are all about the Easter doughnut. Krispy Kreme is known for being extra when it comes to doughnut decor and fillings, and this year their range of bunny-shaped, Speckled Egg-filled and baby chicken-themed pastries have not disappointed.


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Designed to ‘add a touch of magic to your Easter festivities’ these bad boys are also guaranteed to get your fingers sticky and satisfy your sweet tooth. Warning: not suitable for use in an Easter egg hunt, unless you don’t mind bits of grass on your doughnuts.

They’ve got two classic glazed doughnuts: the Easter Sprinkles, covered in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, and the Basketful ‘O Fun which contains an actual hollow white Easter egg making it basically two treats in one aka the best kind of treat.

Then, for those of us who prefer our doughnuts un-glazed, there is the Chick Chick, adorably shaped like a baby chicken complete with coconut flakes for feathers and filled with marshmallow. You can also treat yourself to the Chocolate Bunny, which is full of (surprise, surprise) chocolate and features adorable bunny ears.


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Name a dish that wouldn’t be improved by adding Speckled Eggs to it. You can’t. This chocolate chiller is topped with the things as well as chocolate cream and we are here for it.

So before you turn up to Easter celebrations with the usual white hard-shell chocolate eggs (no shade to white hard-shell chocolate eggs, ‘cos those are iconic) or basic disappointingly hollow bunny-shaped chocolate, stop by a Krispy Kreme instead. You’re going to totally overshadow your aunt’s pickled fish and win the Easter lunch game.

Also, if you order 6 or 12 assorted or gourmet doughnuts through UberEats you get free delivery! Yaaas.

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