10 Stages of the Friday Feels

The build-up to TGIF feels is real

Let’s not even pretend Fridays are easy. Friday symbolises the end of the workweek – but it’s the f*ckboi of weekdays. We need to establish that. This is our take on how the day tends to go:

7am: You wake up and realise it’s FRIIIIIDAAAAAYYYYYYY!

7.05am: Then you realise you have to go to work.


9.15am: You have a look at all your e-mails. Inside, you’re dying. Actually, wait, you’re dead.

11.35am: You have more success at looking busy. Who knew it could take this much energy, though?

12.06pm: You start wondering why your office doesn’t cater to your needs by having nap pods. Naps are sooo important.

1.45pm: You have a meeting in 15 minutes. Isn’t that illegal on Fridays?

3.30pm: The contents of that meeting could have been communicated in a quick e-mail.

3.45pm: Just when you lose all hope, you remember you’re having girls’ night with your new signature drink, Xcite Energy Cider. TGIF!

4.45pm: You can do this. You can do anything. Your mom thinks you’re amazing and you’ve got this.

5.01pm: You walk out the building. How’s that for overachieving?!

*This is a sponsored post. Brought to you by Xcite Energy Cider.

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