Four Reasons Why This Drink Is What We’ll Be Sipping On This Spring

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What’s that? Could it be? Yes, it’s a few rays of golden sunshine, sneaking their way through the winter cloud cover. And a faint hint of a warm breeze is blowing through our hair. Spring is on its way, and we couldn’t be more keen to start shedding our layers and planning outdoor events with the squad. Just in time for spring, Sir Fruit has launched a range of real brewed, real bold Ice Tea. We saw it, we tried it, and here’s why we loved it.

It’s Super Low In Sugar

Rumour has it that the average ice tea is loaded with artificial sugar. But not this time. Nope, we’re having none of that. This ice tea contains one of the lowest sugar levels in beverages of its kind on the local market.

The Blend Contains Real Tea

Most ice tea brands use tea extracts in their recipes, but Sir Fruit Brewed Ice Tea contains real teas, brilliantly blended into a concoction that not only tastes heavenly but is good for you too. In each drink, locally produced Rooibos, Honeybush and Hibiscus teas are blended together, with a touch of Assam tea from India and Green Tea from China.

The Flavours are Everything

Sir Fruit Brewed Ice Tea is available in peach, lemon & lime, cranberry and apple & mint – it’s the most fabulous flavours from the fruit world brought together in one delicious symphony.

Because There is No Planet B

Sir Fruit products are served in 50% recycled plastic bottles and are designed to use the least amount of plastic possible. Sir Fruit’s wet food waste doesn’t go into the trash. Instead, it’s supplied to pig farmers, and peels from the processing of citrus fruits are supplied to cattle farmers for animal feed.

The Add-Ons Are Endless

Need an idea for drinks at yours with the girls? Get creative and transform your ice tea into mocktails by adding cinnamon sticks, fruit-infused ice blocks, a scoop of lemon sorbet or pomegranate seeds.

Sir Fruit Brewed Ice Tea retails for the recommended price of R14.99 per 500ml and R29.99 per 1,5l, and is available nationally in South Africa’s top retail stores.

For more information visit Sirfruit.com or connect with Sir Fruit on social media:

Facebook: @welovefruit

Twitter: @SirFruit_

Instagram: @sirfruit_

This post was sponsored by Sir Fruit.

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