At Last: Chicken Licken is Available on UberEats

The Twitter gods heard our prayers.

Who knew incessantly tweeting a business to give you what you want could pay off so sweetly. Ever since UberEats launched in South Africa we’ve *been* seeing tweets demanding that iconic chicken shop, Chicken Licken, be added to their list of restaurants. And this week it paid off: UberEats is officially delivering Chicken Licken to your doorstep.


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Big news – Can you guess who’s joining the fam? They’re hot, tender and fill your soul… 😏. #UberEatsZa

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If you work in a major city then it’s likely there’s a Chicken Licken just a few blocks away from you. But it’s cold. And we’re lazy. And we want someone else to carry our hot wings to us. Exclusive to UberEats, residents of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Midrand, Durban, Pretoria and Bloemfontein can now all order their favourite chicken-y treats through the app.

The tagline for the chicken restaurant’s launch on UberEats is apt AF: ‘Give the people what they want’.

‘Given the social outcry for Chicken Licken to offer a delivery service, we are taking a step in the right direction of addressing our customers craving and in so doing, partnering with Uber Eats,’ says Chantal Sombonos-Van Tonder from Chicken Licken HQ. And by ‘social outcry’ she means ‘hilarious tweets’. The reactions to the announcement have been some of South African Twitter’s finest works:

So the next time you’re considering actually leaving the house to get your deep fried chicken fix, remember you can just open UberEats.

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