Where is the Cheapest City in South Africa to Grab a Drink?

*moves to Durban*

Consultancy group, Mercer, have released their annual Cost of Living Ranking, which is intended to help people decide where to potentially live abroad based on what it costs to live there. The list compares factors such as the price of petrol, the cost of a date night and how much a fast food meal will set you back in every country. Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg were all considered and it’s pretty interesting which is the cheapest city in South Africa to live in.

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Hong Kong is the most expensive spot to live, with a cup of coffee at a ‘fashionable cafe’ costing around R113! South Africa’s top cities are nowhere near that pricey to exist in. In fact, Cape Town came in 180th place and Johannesburg 185th out of 209 countries. Cape Town does, however, take the dubious honour of being the most expensive spot in the world to buy men’s blue jeans in.

The list compares what we were spending on things like drinks, movies tickets and petrol five years ago to what we spend now, and the inflation is real, guys. The Mercer index compared the cost of four most essential drinks (beer, milk, water and coffee) in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Here’s how our main cities matched up:

The price of beer went up in every city, but Durban comes out tops in terms of where is cheapest to grab a draught. A cup coffee has gone up dramatically, especially in Cape Town. One day we will tell our grandchildren of the days we could buy a coffee with a R20 note, which seems a distant memory now. Any professional coffee shop goers freelancers going broke at their flat white addiction should consider moving to Durban for their cheap coffee options.

Milk has also gone up a lot in the past five years. The price of dairy milk is climbing so much it’s really closing the gap between what it costs to drink ‘normal’ milk and milk alternatives if you were looking for more reasons to try going vegan.

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After all this inflation it’s nice to have some good news: water is way cheaper than it was a few years ago. At least the one drink we’d literally die without is somewhat affordable, right?

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