Cadbury's Is Giving Away Free Chocolate, in Exchange For Your Old Toys

You weren’t using that UNO deck any way.

Cadbury’s have just launched their Little Generosity Shop ,which is somewhere you both get to give back *and* get free chocolate. Win-win. We all know that South Africa is home to millions of orphans and vulnerable children. Most of us would love to help them in some way but don’t know where to start, and Cadbury’s is making it possible.

So far Cadbury’s have collected nearly 40 000 pre-loved toys and games from generous South Africans for their Generosity campaign. They believe everyone has a generous spirit and want to make it possible for us to express it. All donations are given to local orphanages and charities, giving underprivileged children the chance to experience some of the joy our toys once brought us.

The Little Generosity Shop is a place where the only accepted currency is your donated toys, games and children’s books. In exchange for your childhood relics that were gathering dust in the garage, you’ll walk out with a delicious slab of Cadbury’s chocolate. So you’re not only de-cluttering but you’re getting to eat something that sparks joy too; Marie Kondo approves.

I know you were saving that Tickle-Me-Elmo for when *you* have kids but let’s be real; you’re a millennial/single AF so that’s not happening any time soon. And maybe the fact that Elmo is chilling on your shelf is ruining your game 👀. Gather up whatever child-friendly toys, games and books you have and head to one of the Little Generosity Shops. Once donated you’ll walk out both with a treat and the feeling that you’ve helped make a child in need’s life a little bit better.

This weekend, 20 and 21 July 2019, Little Generosity Shops are launching in Gateway, Canal Walk and Sandton City. Check their online map for more venues and details.

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